With our app-based identity-verification platform, we can help you address several different challenges related to the verification of identity credentials. Using OIDC to interface with our backend will make it easy to integrate with your existing services or applications.

Svipe iD App.

We have built the user-facing identity verification app so that you don’t have to. It’s available on iOS and Android and connects with our OIDC-based backend.
Svipe iD App

Discord Verification Bot.

Next generation verification bot. Validate specific identity parameters without taking photos of a passport/drivers license/national ID. Need 18+, we’ve got you. Want to limit users to a specific country? Yeah we can do that. Only want a specific gender on your server? We’ll manage that too. Support is provided for over 140 countries.

NFC Document Scanning.

The Svipe iD app uses NFC to read the content from the document. This means that we can retrieve the digital version of the document, which is stored on the chip, and verify the content cryptographically.

Trusted Verification.

We verify the content using the digital certificates of 100+ authorities globally.
Svipe iD App

Verified ID Document.

Allow your users to verify their biometric id with Svipe and receive the verified id credentials.
Svipe iD App

Biometric Verification.

Svipe conducts an optional biometric check of the user’s face to ensure they are the legitimate owner of the identity document. We base this check on the cryptographically signed photo retrieved from the identity document and use advanced AI to perform a liveness detection.

A Unique User Id.

With Svipe iD your users can verify themselves with the Svipe app and you receive an id that is globally unique to the user and linked to their id-document.

Identity Wallet.

Svipe iD can act as an identity wallet for third-party credentials (certified claims), such as medical certificates or access authorizations. In this context, Svipe iD act as an identity provider when retrieving the credential and links the credential to the Svipe iD so that a website or app can trust that the Svipe iD holder also has valid ownership over the credential.

Find your credential provider and click on the Svipe button. Then scan the QR code. Done! The credential is now added and linked to your identity if the information in the credential corresponds to your identity (using a personal number when available).

Reverify Credentials.

With Svipe you can request that your users reverify their credentials at any time. Either by performing a facial reverification, a document chip reverification, or combining both. This gives an extra level of assurance of user and/or document presence.
Svipe iD App

Verify Age.

Allow your users to prove their age without disclosing identity or other information. To ensure that kids interact with kids or adults interact with adults.
Svipe iD App

Looking for More?

If you have another scenario that isn’t covered by the above, then we would love to talk to you! Please send us an email to, let us know what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you to learn more on how we can help.