Based on Real Identities.

Svipe iD is based on a simple idea; we use the digital information already present in the chip of most Passports, National IDs, and Residence cards. This information is digitally signed by the authorities of the issuing country, which means that the document can’t be forged or cloned without detection. We read the information and verify these signatures for you. Learn more about supported documents here
Svipe iD App

Easy and Secure
to Integrate.

Svipe’s backend is entirely based on the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard, making it extremely easy to integrate with your website or app. By following the standard we also align with a thoroughly tested and secure design. Why not try it now?

Quick Identity Verification.

It takes less than a minute to verify an identity document with the Svipe app, and share it securely with your business. No external devices or approvals from banks are required.
Svipe iD App

Reach 1 Billion Users.

With 140+ countries issuing biometric passports, there are now more than 1 billion biometric passports in circulation, national identity and residence cards not counted. No other identity standard has the same geographic coverage and more countries are joining the standard every year.

Privacy By Design.

Svipe does not store any personal data from identity documents on our servers. After verifying the data that we have read from the user’s document, we return the signed data to the phone and delete it. Then it is only stored encrypted inside the secure vault of your user’s phone and shared only with their explicit permission. That is what we mean with privacy-by-design.

Cryptographically Verified Credentials.

The user’s identity details are read directly from the chip of their identity document and are cryptographically verified to ensure the content is authentic and that the electronic signature of the issuing authority is valid. With Svipe, you can say goodbye to fake passports or reused identity cards!
Svipe iD App

Face Scan To Stop Abuse.

Svipe conducts an optional biometric check of the user’s face to make sure they are the legitimate owner of the identity document. We base this check on the cryptographically signed photo retrieved from the identity document and use advanced AI to perform a liveness detection.

Banking Grade Authentication.

Once your users have identified themselves with Svipe, they can use the Svipe App for passwordless logins on your sites, step-up authentication for high-risk transactions or to replace security questions upon account recovery.

Increased Stickiness.

The Svipe app can provide you with an entirely new engagement channel. Communicate directly with your users via push messages inside the Svipe App!
Svipe iD App