Terms of Use and Conditions.

Version 1.0 2020-09-14

1. General.
  1. These terms of use (“Terms”) apply when Svipe AB, Swedish Corporate Reg. No. 559226-5689, headquartered at Kanalvägen 17, 183 38  Täby, Sweden, (“Svipe”) provides an electronic identification service via the app “Svipe ID” (“Service”).

  2. The Terms only govern the relationship between Svipe and the User. The dealings between the User and the party who is relying on electronic identification via Svipe, in other words, the party whose service the User obtains using Svipe, (“Trusting Party”) are not governed by these Terms. Each Trusting Party decides for themselves to what extent Svipe can be used with their service.

  3. The User’s personal data is handled in accordance with Svipe’s privacy policy.

2. Conditions for Becoming a User.

To use the Service, the User must be of legal age or have obtained the consent of their legal guardian, as well as accepted the Terms.

3. Registration.

To use the Service, the User must have scanned a government-issued identification document in the Svipe ID application.

4. Service.
  1. The Service consists of the User being able to provide identification via the Svipe app, which can be used to securely log in and provide digital signatures for Trusting Parties that are associated with the Service.

  2. The functions that are provided by the Service may vary from time to time. The functions currently provided allow the User to identify themselves.

  3. To use the Service, it must be installed on a mobile telephone, tablet, or similar device which is connected to the internet.

  4. The User is responsible for downloading the app. Svipe is not responsible for errors in the Service caused by problems with the internet or other communication networks over which the Service is delivered. Svipe is not responsible for errors in the Service that are due to errors on the part of the Trusting Parties.

  5. Use of the Service is free of charge for the user. Traffic fees from your mobile phone operator or internet provider may apply.

  6. Svipe may also offer new functions in the Service. These new functions may be subject to special conditions. If the User wants to activate a new function, the User must approve any specific terms and conditions that apply to each function.

5. Obligations of the User.
  1. Svipe ID is personal and should not be used by anyone other than the User.

  2. The User may not i) register false information for the Service, ii) use information from a third party without their permission, or iii) allow a third party to use their account or provide access to the Service.

  3. The User is responsible for all usage of the Service and for ensuring that login information is protected against unauthorized access. The User is also responsible for protecting its mobile telephone, tablet, or similar device against unauthorized use and is responsible for the risk of unauthorized use of the Service.

  4. If the User detects that a third party has obtained access to the Svipe app or in the event of a loss of a mobile device on which Svipe ID is installed, the User must immediately notify Svipe.

  5. The User is responsible for learning about Svipe’s general functions and how usage of the Svipe ties the User to actions taken within the app.

6. Permitted Usage.
  1. The Service, including all functions, data, and information, is protected by copyright. The User is granted a non-exclusive, non-licensable, and royalty-free right to use the Service for the sole purposes indicated in the Terms of Use and in accordance with applicable law.

  2. It is prohibited to copy, modify, distribute or publish the content that is provided by Svipe. However, customers are permitted to download, copy and save information from Svipe for their personal use. Improperly taking advantage of offers or otherwise misusing the Service is also prohibited.

  3. The User may not use or allow another person to use the Service for illegal or prohibited purposes.

  4. Svipe owns the right to block the usage of Svipe ID if the User violates these Terms or if Svipe has reasonable grounds to assume that Svipe ID will be used contrary to these Terms.

  5. Svipe is entitled to block the usage of Svipe ID without notifying the User in advance if Svipe assesses that there is a sufficient security risk to require it.

7. Updating Software.

The Service can only provide full functionality if the updates that Svipe provides are installed promptly. Svipe is not responsible for errors in the Service and damages that arise due to failure to download and/or fully install the updates provided.

8. Errors or Defects.

In the event of errors or defects in Services, the User must contact Svipe for a remedy, (see Svipe’s webpage support for contact information for service advice).

9. Force Majeure.

Svipe is not responsible for any delay or losses due to circumstances over which Svipe or Svipe’s subcontractors have no control and that severely impair fulfillment of the obligation in question or which results in fulfillment of the obligation being economically indefensible.

10. Breaches of Agreement and Responsibility.
  1. Svipe is entitled to block a User at any time if the User breaches these Terms or otherwise uses the Service in a way that can cause damage to Svipe or a third party. The User shall then cease all use of the Service and remove the app from devices where it is installed. The User will then not be able to use Svipe ID for identification.

  2. Svipe carries no responsibility for damage, including consequential damages, in cases where the Service is not functioning properly due to i) incorrect installation or use according to section 4 and/or 7, ii) improper use of the Service, or iii) action or omission by a third party for which Svipe is not responsible (e.g. errors or defects in the internet connection or errors on the part of the Trusting Party).

  3. Svipe is not responsible for damages caused by Svipe having blocked the usage of Svipe ID for wrong reasons, on the assumption that Svipe had reasonable grounds to assume that there was a basis for blocking Svipe ID at the time.

  4. Svipe is not responsible for providing compensation for commercial losses.

11. Changes to the Terms of Service.
  1. Svipe retains the right to modify the Service, modify the Terms or cease providing the Service. Svipe shall notify the User if the Terms are modified at the latest one month before the changes shall take effect. If the User does not approve the modified terms, the User has the right to cancel the agreement with Svipe effective immediately before the modified Terms take effect.

  2. If a change in the terms is necessary due to a law, ordinance, government regulation, or similar reason, Svipe may let a change in the Terms take immediate effect.

12. Closing An Account.

The User can close their account and cancel the use of the Service at any time. Svipe will delete or de-identify all personal data and all other information that can be attributed to the User.

13. Applicable Law and Resolution of Disputes.
  1. These Terms do not limit the User’s rights as a consumer according to mandatory consumer legislation.

  2. In the event of a dispute between Svipe and a User, the parties must first try to resolve the dispute through mutual agreement.

  3. Disputes on account of the Terms or use of the Service must be resolved according to Swedish law and by Swedish courts.