Discord verification bot.

With our app-based discord bot, we can help you verify members of your server.

How it works?

The Svipe Verification Bot works in combination with the Svipe ID app to provide a fully automated and secure way for Discord guilds to verify the age of their users and avoid bots by linking a Discord account to a passport or ID card but without sharing any personal information.

This allows other guild members to know that a newly joining user is a human and not a bot swarm, as well as being confident that the ones they are interacting with online aren’t underage, while allowing all users to remain anonymous in Discord.

If you have any questions, join our discord server, we would love to answer them.

Step 1: Invite the bot

Just click the invite link.

The bot will request these 3 permissions: Send messages Manage roles Manage channels

The two first ones are essential and the bot will not function properly without them. The last one is optional and allows the bot automatic configuration function to work properly. Although not recommended, you can opt-out from this permission but then step 2 below cannot be skipped.

The bot also requires the server member intent, i.e. it needs to be able to list your users and their roles. However, it does not use the presence or message content intent, i.e. it cannot read messages on your server and cannot monitor online presence of your users.

Svipe iD App

Step 2 (optional): Configure the bot

This section is targeted at experienced discord guild owners who are migrating from another user verification/age verification method. For newly started guild owners or guilds with no previous user verification mechanisms, we highly recommend going directly to step 3 and utilize our auto-configuration system.

Use the slash-command /configure to configure your bot.

/configure alone will show your current bot configuration and contextual help.

Important notes: If you have opted to remove the manage channel permission, you must configure an existing channel for the log_channel parameter AND the bot needs to be invited to it and have write permission to it. Enabling the bot will fail otherwise. If you want to configure already existing roles for the bot to use for the verified and 18+ users, the roles must be “below” the Svipe verification bot role (see example below). The bot can only manage the roles below itself, not the ones above.

When you are satisfied with the configuration, do /configure command:enable to start using the bot. This will auto-create missing channels or roles and verify required permissions. Upon success, the bot will be enabled for your guild. In case of errors, the bot will notify you and suggest possible actions to fix the issues encountered.

Svipe iD App

Step 3: Post an invitation to verify

Use the slash-command /post_invitation to post a message with buttons for your users to start using the bot. By default, the invitation looks like this:
Svipe iD App

The invitation message can be customized using /post_invitation invite_message:<Message of your choice, to be displayed as a Discord embed>

You can post as many invitations as you like, each one with its own custom message.

Posting an invitation also automatically enables the bot in case it wasn’t enabled before.

Important note: the bot must have permission to send messages to the channel where you want to post the invitation. Otherwise, the bot will not be able to post the invitation.

Step 4: Configure your server

It is now up to you to configure access to your channels based on the verification status of the users. The meaning of the roles are as follows:

Role in parameter role_verified: the user has verified with SvipeID using a valid ICAO 9303 government issued document (i.e. typically a passport, but also many national ID cards and residence permits). This means that the discord account is now associated with a well defined “real human”, yet the identity behind the account cannot be retrieved.

Role in parameter role_18plus: in addition to having verified with SvipeID, the user has accepted to share his or her birth date with bot and the bot has confirmed this person is 18 years old or older. Absence of the 18plus role however does not necessarily imply that the user is underage as the user may simply have decided not to share his or her birth date

FAQ for admins

We actually do better than humans who verify a doc 😉. We read the document content electronically (using NFC) and verify the digital signature of the content using the police certificate from the issuing country. So, to fool us with a fake document, you would need to breach the national security of the issuing country and get hold of their cryptographic keys. Expiration date is also checked and we also verify that the document has not been reported lost or stolen, when such services exist for the country where the document is issued.
We use state of the art face recognition and liveness detection to match the user in front of the phone to the biometric photo stored in the document chip.

This is indeed tricky as a user could ask a friend to scan the QR code during the verification and can indeed happen. The situation is however the same for any kind of age verification, online or even in the real world, including a teenager asking an older friend to buy beer for him ;-)

To mitigate this, we have set limits so that a given document can verify at most one Discord account. That account can then use the Svipe ID to verify again as many times as the users wish, on as many guilds as they want — but that Svipe ID cannot verify another Discord account.

We have also implemented age roll-back protection: if an account has been verified once with age x, it can never be verified again with a lower age. This means that by asking an older friend to do a verification, the user will essentially destroy his or her own ability to do future verifications for this account.

In case of doubts about the verification of one particular user, we recommend the admin to simply delete the roles from that user and suggest a new verification. While the first verification with Svipe ID requires scanning the document, a re-verification only takes seconds for a legit user, and is extremely cumbersome if the user indeed asked someone else.

Svipe ID requires a phone with NFC and a ICAO 9303 document (issued by 140+ countries). Without this, a user cannot verify with the Svipe verification bot.

However, you as a guild admin, are always the one taking the final decision and you can at any time overpower the bot and manually verify a user by assigning the corresponding roles.

It is on our roadmap to offer more personalizations to the bot. We will progressively increase the number of configurable parameters in the future. You are welcome to chat with us on our discord server and share your needs and use-case, and we’ll prioritize our dev work accordingly :)
Unfortunately, for the time being, all users will need to verify again after the change of configuration. We might offer a migration tool to facilitate this in the future, but we still need to investigate that in more detail before we commit to such a feature.

Nope. We do not keep track of this. As soon as a user has verified and the roles are assigned, the bot forgets everything about this.

The log_channel is meant to be a channel for you to keep an audit log of everything that has happened on your guild.

If this is not sufficient for your needs, we’d be more than happy to hear about your use case and we can certainly find a solution!

We’d love to hear about your use case!

The free version of the bot will be limited to “verified” and “18+”, but we are planning on Offering a lot more features in an upcoming premium version.

Take a look at our developper page to check what verified information Svipe can offer: https://developer.svipe.com/documentation#/oidc?id=scopes . The discord bot can access and use any of this for verification purposes (assuming the user consents sharing the data).

FAQ for users

This depends on the server you are verifying on. The Svipe verification bot only assigned you specific discord roles after a successful verification. It is up to each guild admin to decide how to restrict access to their content based on these roles.
Yes. A verification works only for one guild and you need to verify again for each new guild that uses the Svipe Verification Bot. In this way, it is up to you to decide which communities are worth verifying with. You may also choose to reveal that you are above 18 on some guilds but not others. You are in control
No. Once you have onboarded, keep the Svipe app on your phone and the next verification only requires you to confirm your identity by unlocking your phone and scanning the QR code. Svipe ID may occasionally ask you to re-scan your document or re-verify your face for security reasons - but most verifications should only take under 10s if you keep your ID in the app.
No. We enforce that one SvipeID can verify at most one discord account. You can verify the account as many times as you wish on as many guilds as you wish, but always the same account.

Unfortunately, there are currently no automated ways of doing this at this point. We recommend you try to recover your original account using means available on Discord.

We might introduce a mechanism to allow re-assigning account verifications at some point in the future. You may also contact us directly through the Svipe discord server for assistance.

You can have the Svipe ID app on multiple devices. Just onboard on each device using the same identity document. Multiple devices identified with one document share the same SvipeID — so you can definitely use another device to verify.

Verifying an account with multiple SvipeIDs would typically mean that several persons are using the same Discord account. While this could technically work, we do not currently see a clear use case for it and have disabled this possibility.

However, we’d be glad to hear from you if you have a valid use-case for such a feature and can enable it in a future release if we believe it could be useful.

Have you maybe asked someone else to verify your account for you at some point in time ? ;-) Our algorithms are monitoring this and your account has now been blocked from any further verifications.

Algorithmic mistakes happen - so if you see this message while having acted in good faith, please contact us, we will investigate this and gladly help you.

Have you tried to cheat ? Then sorry - your discord account and the SvipeID used to verify it are irremediably blocked from further verifications.

Maybe you left the server and rejoined it, or a guild admin decided to remove your roles. Just verify your account again. If you keep SvipeID on your phone, it just takes seconds to do it again!

Then you cannot use the Svipe verification bot. Svipe ID does not allow any identification method lower than cryptographic verification through NFC.

Contact an admin of the guild you want to be verified on. They may or may not propose alternative ways to verify yourself. The guild admins are always the ones to take the final decision and may allow for lower level of security on their server.

If you have more questions or you want to try Svipe bot, join our discord server: https://discord.gg/kaZXf4qcuq