Supported Documents


If your passport has the “Chip Inside” symbol, then you can use it with Svipe iD! This symbol means that your passport uses a global standard from ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The chip inside your passport contains all the information that is printed on your passport in an electronic format. The information is signed digitally by the police authorities of the issuing country. The signature guarantees that the document is authentic and that it is not a copy.

Identity and Residence Cards.

In addition to passports, many countries are now using the ICAO standard to secure national identity and residence cards. So these cards will also work with Svipe iD. Look for the “Chip Inside” symbol!

Unsupported Documents

Drivers Licenses.

Unfortunately we have not yet seen any drivers license that has a chip and complies with the standard for biometric documents. If you do have a drivers license that has the “chip inside” symbol, then please let us know!