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Svipe announce support for verifiable credentials


Svipe has taken a step forward by incorporating support for the emerging standard of verifiable credentials (VC). We now issue all our identity credentials as W3C-compliant identity claims, making us a pioneer in the developing ecosystem of verifiable credentials.

But what exactly are verifiable credentials, and why are they so significant? We will address these questions and more in an upcoming series of blog posts. Keep an eye out for them and follow Svipe on LinkedIn to stay updated.

As we all spend more time online, digital credentials offer numerous benefits over physical ones. The VC standard is designed to be secure, user-friendly, and fully interoperable, making it the future of digitally available sensitive and personal information.

So, how does Svipe fit into the equation? The standard requires the recipient’s identity to be authenticated before receiving a VC, an essential security feature that has limited the standard’s adoption due to the scarcity of strong authentication infrastructure. Svipe’s mobile app provides this authentication feature needed, along with the ability to collect and store credentials locally, making it the missing piece of verifiable credentials finally allowing it to scale globally.

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